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At SERO, as hair professionals, we understand hair. We understand it needs repairing from the inside, so we created SERO to help you generate new healthy hair from within.


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As hair professionals, we understand that hair needs repairing from the inside. We created SERO to help you generate new hair from within. There are many factors that can impact the overall health of your hair. Everyday stress, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, age, post-pregnancy, heredity, medication, environmental damage and overstyling can all lead to breakage and excess shedding. SERO keeps your hair and scalp nourished and healthy, providing you the ideal foundation for optimum hair growth. The SERO formula contains 42 natural ingredients that not only promote longer, healthier hair growth, but also work to condition and soften your hair, skin and even nails.

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"I was able to stop all prescription medications and avoid many nasty side effects because of Sero. It is safe to use and after just 2 months, my hair is so much healthier"

Ibrahim Khazzaka

I've been using SERO for a little over a month absolutely love this product. My hair has never looked better it's so shiny & growing so fast!! It has 100% changed my fine whispy hair into a fuller more manageable head of hair !! And how amazing this product works so well and it's vegan - love it !!

Erin Johnson - Stylist at A.T. Tramp Beverly Hills

My hair isn't necessarily thinning, however I do have major breakage and weakened hair due to bleaching and extensive coloring. After using this product for a couple of months I can already see a difference in the health, and thickness of my hair! I'm hoping as I continue to use SERO that I will also reap the benefits of hair growth as my hair has always grown at an irregularly slow pace. Looking forward to seeing even more results over the next few months.

Cynthia Arroyo - Interior Design Professional

The hair near my temples has been thinning for a few years, I've tried a number of supplements, and finally took a 2 month course of SERO earlier this year. After 1 month my wispy hairline and it immediately "appeared" as if the area was already thicker. Now I realize that new hair growth doesn't happen overnight, I have to eat well and care for my hair. But, I do like the fact that looks thicker already, while I continue to take SERO.

Ryan Suburu - Designer

It is an excellent product. It has never made my hair heavier and it is growing back my hair. I can see the difference after a month. I did decide to cut my hair this week and the stylist was showing me all the new growth. I will continue to buy this product.

Robin Chronister

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